Book Review: Presence by Amy Cuddy

Presence book review

Amy Cuddy’s “Presence” is an inspiring and empowering book that explores the power of nonverbal communication and how harnessing our body language can positively impact our lives. Drawing from her extensive research and personal experiences, Cuddy delivers a compelling narrative that urges readers to embrace their authentic selves and approach life’s challenges with confidence and grace.

Cuddy delivered a TED talk in 2012 where it became immensely popular for her science behind power posing, demonstrating how adopting expansive postures can boost self-assurance, reduce stress, and enhance performance in high-stress situations. She emphasizes that by consciously using our bodies to convey power and confidence, we can transform our mindset and project a sense of authenticity to those around us.

Through anecdotes and real-life examples, she demonstrates how individuals from all walks of life have utilized the principles of “presence” to effect positive change in their lives and careers.

Readers will find themselves inspired to stand tall, embrace their true selves, and face life’s hurdles with newfound courage.

– Jaclyn Rogers


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