Business Spotlight: Better Together Mental Health

Better Together Mental Health

Company Name:  Better Together Mental Health LLC

How long have you been in business?  We opened in February of 2023

What does your company do? Is it different from what it originally set out to do? 

 We are a private practice that provides individual and relationship counseling (including families and couples).  It is important to me that Better Together is providing really high quality mental health care with a personal touch.  We want to walk with our clients in their journey toward the life they want.  I also feel strongly about creating a practice that supports and develops social workers that are clinically competent and have the resources needed to stay healthy in the long run.

What is your company’s mission or vision? 

 Our mission: Where warmth meets transformative care.

Our values are: We are person centered and want each person who contacts us to be connected to the services that will best meet their needs.  We are focused on being reliable, compassionate, and competent. We see each person as a part of their environment and take these influences into account when working together. We believe in building a forward momentum with the people we work with. This means we are committed to utilizing the techniques that will best help each client to move in the direction they want to go.

Who do you work with or seek to serve? Who are you best-fit customers? 

 As a private pay practice we see people who are motivated to change. Our ideal clients are over trying to pretend that life is OK and want to be real, want to change the way their life is going, and want a partner in finding new ways to be better in their real life.  Our best-fit customer is interested in quality care that meets them where they are at.  They want to have their needs and preferences dictate their care rather than the expectations of an insurance company.  

If your company didn’t exist, what would your customers do? 

There are many options for counseling services in Columbia.  We know that a good outcome in therapy is all about finding a provider who is the right fit for you.  We hope that everyone has access to care that meets them where they are at and offers support that matches their unique needs.

What features or capabilities do you have that other companies don’t: 

 We are a practice of social workers that are all focused on providing exceptional care to each person we see.  We are collaborative and work with our clients, each other, and our community to ensure each client gets the care they need. We seek to normalize mental health care and to help people see that you don’t have to be “sick” to want to grow as a person. We are continuously learning and growing to ensure that we are using the best approaches for each of our clients. We treat each person we have the opportunity to work with as the amazing individual they are and are grateful to walk with them in their life.

Anything else you want WN members to know about your business? 

 We are growing and continuing to seek ways to connect with our community.  We have openings with our licensed social workers and will have social work students in January who will be offering quality care at a significantly reduced rate.  If you have ever been thinking about seeing a provider this is a great time to connect and see what person centered care feels like


300 S Providence Rd
PO Box 1016
Columbia, Mo 65205