Member Profile: Abbey McNair

Abbey McNair

Name: Abbey McNair

Employer: Riddle’s Jewelry

Job Title: Manager and Goldsmith

Hometown: I have a lot! I’d say Columbia if I had to choose. My mom always said, “home is where your family is.”

First Job: Dance Instructor


Top Producing Goldsmith

Top Sales Manager

What are two or three words that friends and acquaintances would use to describe you:

Authentic, steadfast, sassy

Currently reading:

100 Hikes of Lifetime

What is a place you want to visit or love to visit?

I love being in the mountains or anywhere in scenic nature.

What is the best piece of advice someone has given you?

“Your success in life is largely dependent on how many uncomfortable conversations you’re willing to have.”

What is something that brings you joy?

My daughter, Murphy. 


300 S Providence Rd
PO Box 1016
Columbia, Mo 65205