Member Profile: Jacob Garrett

Current Job Title: Mortgage Loan Officer

Employer:  Central Bank of Boone County   

Hometown: Ashland

First job: Farm Hand / Horse Trainer

Awards/Recognitions: 20 under 40 Class 2022 – COMO Magazine, Leader of the Year 2022 –FSCB Bank, Team of the Year Award 2021 – FSCB Bank, Face of Mortgage Lending 2021 – Columbia Business Times, Emerging Professional of the Year 2020 – Columbia Chamber of Commerce.

What led you to your career? I started my career in Banking my Junior year attending Southern Boone County High School in 2008 working for a Community Bank as a Jr. Teller.  My mom was a banker, and I always admired my mother’s passion for helping others and being someone that others looked up to as a trusted banker.  I have been able to hold multiple positions in the banking field from Teller Supervisor, Branch Manager, Regional Manager, Consumer Lending Officer to now currently Mortgage Loan Officer. 

Two or three words that friends and acquaintances would use to describe you: Caring, Courageous, Radiates Positivity

Currently reading: Fanatical Prospecting – Jeb Blount & Nobility – John Thomas

What are you most excited about? This year I’m most excited about making memories with those people I enjoy spending most time with.  Living in the moment, instead of thinking about what I need to get done just to move on. 

Something that brings you joy: Being able to listen and tune in on other people’s stories brings JOY to my life.  I get to use this skillset every day in my job.  I enjoy taking time to listen to other stories, understanding where they came from and what led them to where they’re now.  I’m most passionate about this as I truly enjoy helping people grow and making an impact in their life. 

Place you want to visit: I’ve always wanted to plan a trip to Ireland. It is on my partner AJ’s and I bucket list for 2025. 

Best piece of advice someone has given you: Stop and take a breath, say “I don’t know” when you don’t know.  Its ok to say NO, we are human. Under promise, overdeliver. Manage up, look ahead, and think about your future.  Don’t bring problems, bring solutions to the table.  Give yourself a break.    

Goals for 2023: A couple of my goals for 2023 are to increase my emotional intelligence, build and foster new/existing relationships in my network, focus on my core values of being courageous, professional, resilient, adaptable, and holding myself accountable in both professional and personal life.     


300 S Providence Rd
PO Box 1016
Columbia, Mo 65205