Member Profile: Jason Gruender

Current job: Healthcare Advisor

Employer: Liberty Family Medicine

Hometown: Columbia

First job: Data entry for Riback Supply in Columbia

College/degrees: BS Electrical Engineering from MU

Awards/Recognitions: 20 Under 40 Class of 2021, Athena Young Professional Finalist 2020.

Professional Engineers License, Health Insurance License, Private Pilot’s License.

Liberty Family Medicine was honored as a small business of the year finalist in 2022.

What led you to your career?

My role at Liberty was born from a desire to push Columbia’s only membership-based insurance-free medical clinic beyond primary healthcare and turn it into a one-stop-shop for complete low-cost healthcare solutions including catastrophic/major medical.

Best part of your job:

The best part of my job is having something to share with others that fixes their problems, most people are unsatisfied with their current healthcare plan and we can change that.

Things that occupy your free time: 

My spare time is spent with family, fishing, flying small airplanes, riding motorcycles, or participating in competitive shooting sports.  I also love watching Cardinals baseball.

What are you most excited about? 

This year has so much potential and I’m so excited to see the growth of our business in 2023; I feel like we’ve finally reached a tipping point where people truly understand what we do and how we do it which is resulting in others seeking us rather than us seeking them.

Something that brings you joy: 

Most of my family and friends live in central MO, I love being able to easily spend time with them even for last minute get-togethers.

Favorite place you’ve visited:

I really enjoy the Caribbean and have visited most of the islands, but I want to fly my family on a vacation to the Caribbean myself……Bahamas, Dominican, Jamaica, etc. it doesn’t matter.

Best piece of advice someone has given you:

I don’t know if someone told me or if I made it up but I love telling people “if you can be the hero, be the hero.”  Basically, if you can help someone out, just help them……without judging them and without an ulterior motive.

Goals for 2022/2023: 

I’ve put most of my personal hobbies on hold the last few years; I plan to fly more hours, ride more miles on two wheels, and spend more money on ammunition over the next year than I have in the previous 5 years lol.

Let’s find out more about Liberty Family Medicine

How long has Liberty Family Medicine been in business?

Liberty Family Medicine was established on July 5th, 2016 and we’re nearing our 7th anniversary.

What made you decide to open Liberty Family Medicine?

The desire to be happy was the driving force behind opening Liberty Family Medicine; my wife learned of a healthcare model where she could actually spend time with patients, provide them with care, and be happy……an unusual combination these days in the healthcare industry.  This model came with the amazing side effect of lowering the cost of high-quality healthcare while also increasing access.  It has definitely proven to be a win-win-win!

What kind of amenities and services does Liberty Family Medicine offer?

Liberty Family Medicine removes the insurance middleman from the healthcare equation and operates on a direct relationship with the patient through a membership structure.  No copays or procedural fees are charged, medications are dispensed at tremendously deep discounts, and more services are offered in-house than any other primary care facility in central Missouri.  From pediatrics to women’s care, Liberty offers so much.

What makes Liberty Family Medicine stand out from other businesses like it?

To this day, Liberty Family Medicine is the only clinic of its kind operating completely free from the constraints of insurance in central Missouri.  Liberty also continues to offer a greater breadth and depth of services than its closest form of competition.

How do you connect with the community?

Community involvement is a key goal for me personally and at Liberty Family Medicine.  We’ve been continuous supporters of many non-profit organizations since day-one; between myself and other employees, we sit on the boards for 7 local non-profits.  Community connection is also achieved by being highly active in our local Chamber of Commerce.  One final avenue of connection is through simply being present in the community by attending and supporting many of the amazing local events offered throughout the year across central Missouri.


300 S Providence Rd
PO Box 1016
Columbia, Mo 65205