Member Profile: Lisa Wampler

I am Co-Owner of Blue Diamond Events and our sister company XSIV Entertainment. Co-Owner of Selfie Love with my business partner Destiny McKnight. 

Hometown: Imperial, MO

First job: I was an administrative assistant for my father’s small business in DeSoto, MO. Shortly after, I began teaching piano lessons

College: I graduated from the University of Missouri in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Vocal music and Biological Sciences

What led you to your career? My husband, Jonathan, wanted to get back into working events as a DJ. We came together and rebranded into Blue Diamond Events in 2011.  I handled the creative side maintaining the company’s web presence, blog, social media, advertising, marketing, and event planning. Over the years we have acquired staff and team members to delegate different tasks as we have gained a higher clientele. We are happy to be one of Mid-MO’s elite wedding DJ and event companies.

Two or three words that friends and acquaintances would use to describe you: Altruistic,  Creative, Dedicated, Level-Headed

Best part of your job: Getting to work with other people to create beautiful experiences and spaces and seeing a vision come to life. 

Currently reading: I enjoy listening to audiobooks while driving.  Reading a physical book is nearly impossible to stop for, but I love audiobooks and am currently on a Mel Robbins kick. 

Things that occupy your free time: Spending time with my kids going to community events such as Art in the Park,  Earth Day, and Jabberwocky events.  I also love a good karaoke night.

Hardest thing you’ve ever done: Having a healthy work/life balance is the hardest thing that I have to do every day.  I try to devote my evenings and any free weekends to my family. 

Something that brings you joy: Music! Just getting to sit at my piano to play and sing without distractions. I also love going out to do karaoke with friends when time allows.

Family/children/furry children: My son Alexander (8) and my daughter Aria (4) who keep me grounded and on my toes. We also have 2 dogs, Romeo & Sugar.  

Place you want to visit: I would love to see Fiji! Hopefully someday we will be able to travel more.

Favorite place you’ve visited: Prague and Denver, CO

Best piece of advice someone has given you:

OR Advice for someone new to Columbia: Don’t be scared to put yourself out there and make new friends. Columbia is a great community and has so many ways to get involved in something you’re passionate about. There is something for everyone. 

Goals for 2023: Continue to grow in my businesses, delegate more tasks to my team, and free up more time to be with my family and get involved in the community.


300 S Providence Rd
PO Box 1016
Columbia, Mo 65205