Member Profile: Samantha Woolridge

Current job: Stylist and Co-owner at Regeneration Salon & Spa

Employer: Regeneration Salon & Spa

Hometown: Columbia, Mo

First job: George’s pizza and steak

Degree/License: I started cosmetology school in 2004 and then went back and got my Cosmetology instructor license! 

Awards/Recognitions: Won best hair stylist in best of Columbia 2022!

What led you to your career? I had no idea what I wanted to go after high school I knew college wasn’t for me. It was actually my parents who mentioned cosmetology school! I got into cosmetology because I loved hair and makeup! Although I still love hair and makeup, my “why” has changed over the years. I do this because I want women to really love and be confident in who they are, and having great hair is for sure a confidence boost. I love giving ladies a place to unwind and have a moment of relation before they head back to their busy lives. 

Two or three words that friends and acquaintances would use to describe you: Loving, Loyal, Crazy. 

Best part of your job:

I honestly have to many!! 

I LOVE seeing new stylist grow within the salon and spa! 

I love getting to meet so many talented hairstylist, but maybe my favorite is to hear my clients say they could fall asleep after my scalp massage. 

Things that occupy your free time: My kiddos Gwyneth 9 and Zoey 6 and my Husband

What are you most excited about? What the future holds

Hardest thing you’ve ever done: Being patient. 

Something that brings you joy: Spending time with family

Place you want to visit: I hate to travel 😬

Advice for someone new to Columbia: My advice is, don’t be afraid to make mistakes! It’s only a mistake if you didn’t learn from it. 

Goals for 2023: My goals, I really want a Salon and Spa where my co-workers can come to work and be authentically themselves. A place where we can thrive while doing what we love. 

I also would love to provide a safe place for our guests to come in and be themselves, provide laughter and a place to unwind after a busy chaotic day. 


300 S Providence Rd
PO Box 1016
Columbia, Mo 65205