Member Spotlight: Beth Orns

Beth Orns

Women’s Network Member Profile

Name: Beth Orns, LCSW

Employer: Better Together Mental Health LLC

Hometown: Woodridge, IL

First Job: Camp Counselor at a Summer Camp for preschoolers 

What are two or three words that friends and acquaintances would use to describe you: Empathetic, Loyal, and Clumsy

What are you currently reading: The Perfectionists Guide to Losing Control: A Path to Peace and Power by Katherine Morgan Schafler

What is a place you want to visit or love to visit? Most recently went on a trip to Gulf Shores with friends and my husband and had a great time relaxing in the sun.

What is the best piece of advice someone has given you? You can’t pour from an empty cup

What is something that brings you joy? Spending time with friends/family that make me laugh.  Whether it is a trip shopping for ridiculous things (like a giant stuffed parrot) or sitting around with friends and our families enjoying great weather, food, and conversations.

Is there anything else you want the WN members to know about you: As much as I love spending time with others I also really love quiet time reading, doing diamond art (anyone need a TON of completed diamond art pictures?!?!), or baking crazy amounts of Christmas cookies.


300 S Providence Rd
PO Box 1016
Columbia, Mo 65205